Light Rail Safety Tips:

  1. Train Approaching Station: Please stand behind the yellow caution strip as the train approaches. Do not touch the sides of the train while it is still in motion. Wait until the train has come to a complete stop before pushing the button to open the doors.  
  2. Train Departing Station: Wait until the train pulls out of the station before crossing the tracks to the other side of the station. Be aware that another train may be approaching in the opposite direction. 
  3. Tracks & Bridges: Light rail tracks are located in public streets and in restricted right of way areas. It’s not only unsafe but against the law to walk along light rail tracks and trespass on bridges or underpasses. 
  4. Traveling with Children or a Group: When you are traveling with children, always hold their hand when boarding or exiting the train. Doors are timed to close after boarding or exiting trains. Children or adults can be left behind if you do not board together. If you are separated from your group, call 321-2877 or tell the light rail operator or a uniformed SacRT employee. 
  5. Climbing Between Light Rail Vehicles: Climbing or riding on couplers between light rail vehicles is prohibited. Serious and fatal accidents may happen when people attempt to climb over couplers between light rail vehicles.

Bus Safety Tips:

At the Bus Stop

  • Try to avoid isolated bus stops.
  • Stand near others in well-lit areas and move toward your bus when it arrives.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching it.
  • Avoid opening your purse or wallet while boarding the bus. Have your pass or money in hand.

On the Bus

  • Stay alert--be aware of the people around you.
  • Keep purses, backpacks, front of you and close to your body at all times while riding to insure that your belongings are safe.
  • During off-hours, sit as close to the operator as possible.
  • If someone bothers you, tell the operator and change seats.


  • Playing radios or other sound equipment without headphones is prohibited on buses. Violators may be cited.
  • Only guide, service or signal animals are allowed on buses.
  • Allow disembarking passengers to leave the bus before you board. Provide them with enough room to depart safely and efficiently.
  • Please yield your seat to elderly passengers and passengers with disabilities that are standing on a crowded bus, particularly if you are in a seat close to the bus doors.

Street Sense:

Crossing Streets/Jaywalking

  • Park and Ride parking lots can be busy places. Be wary of vehicles backing out of parking stalls. Give plenty of room to SacRT buses, private shuttles and paratransit buses that travel through the parking lots.
  • Be careful not to become distracted when crossing the city's busy streets. Cross only at crosswalks and obey traffic or pedestrian signals.

Street Persons

  • Like most major cities, Sacramento has a street population. Some may be homeless, others may be vagrants or panhandlers.
  • Most street people are harmless; however, a few are chronic law violators who may infringe upon the rights of others. Demonstrate a combination of respect and caution around panhandlers and strangers.
  • Contributing money to people on the street will not necessarily help solve the problem of homelessness or vagrancy. In fact, it may encourage more panhandling. If you feel inclined to assist the homeless, it is suggested that contributions be given to one of the many local charities, missions, food banks or social service organizations that assist those in need.