About Us

We are students who interned apart of  Sacramento Regional Transit as apart of the Summer at City Hall program in the summer of 2019. We are Juniors and Seniors who attend various schools in the Sacramento region.

Apart of the Information Technology Department, 4 interns worked on the creation of this website to help our fellow students use the wonderful and safe transportation services of Sacramento Regional Transit.

We feel that students can tremendously benefit from Sacramento Regional Transit service's as using it on their trips to school or on to their travels around town. We personally use Sacramento Regional Transit on a daily basis, and we especially love the fact that using public transportation is good for the environment.

We hope this website helps you learn more about Sacramento Regional Transit.

Meet the Interns!


Amol Budhiraja

I go to Inderkum High School. I am in the IB program. I am an incoming Junior . My favorite sport is Tennis, and in my free time I program applications and play NBA 2K.


Abubakr Iyyaz

I go to Natomas High School. I like water sports such as Jet Skiing. I play Volleyball in my free time. I am an incoming Junior.


Danashi Messele

I go to Inderkum High School. I am in the IB program. My favorite sport is Soccer, and in my free time I love watching Netflex, especially the show called Prison Break. I am an incoming Senior, and I am exited for college!


Nick Sherman

I go to John F. Kennedy High School. I really enjoy motorsports. I love cars, my favorite car is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

About SacRT

Sacramento Regional Transit is a transit service provider in the Sacramento region. It operators over 70 bus routes, 4 miles of light rail service, and the Paratransit and JIBE services. 

SacRT began on April 1, 1973, and since then has grown tremendously as it sees an annual ridership of approximately 21 million passengers in 2018.

SacRT has 3 main light rail lines:

  • Gold Line
  • Green Line
  • Blue Line

The General Manager/CEO of Sacramento Regional Transit is Henry Li.



Our Task

We were place to intern in the Sacramento Regional Transit area because of our creativity, ingenuity, and Informational Technology background. Our task was to create a website for students with a clear and concise website that would aid and attract students of all ages. We had a time duration of 42 hours, spanned over 5 weeks, to complete this project. Also, we worked on a project to present to City Hall apart of the Summer at City Hall program in the mornings, before our internships, about ways to better our community. Alongside this, we were given education and teachings about the field of Information Technology, and learned about the systems that are used in Transits.