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Go from A to B with RT! Sacramento Regional Transit is the best place for students using public transportation!

K-12 Students: 

Starting October 1, 2019, Regional Transit has partnered with the City of Sacramento to allow Students who attend a K-12 School in the Sacramento Area to utilize the Sacramento Regional Transit services free of charge.

Planning Your Trip

For Detailed School Routes + Information

Please Click the Button to the Right. Below is the Map view of the schools in Sacramento and RT's services to them.

How to Videos

Have Questions? Want to See how to use a certain SacRT feature.

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Finding Your Route

There are numerous ways where one can plan their route! Click on the Images to View the Service!

InfoWeb Tracker - Above is Sacramento Regional Transit's route planning website where people can plan their routes and trip all through the website's interface.

RT Mobile App - To the left is the SACRT Mobile App, where one can track their routes, and their buses in real time based upon their stop number. Also they can plan their routes,  and see the arrivals and schedules.

Paying Methods

Students who attend K-12 Schools in the Greater Sacramento Region can utilize the Regional Transit services for free though a small sticker which will be on their Student ID Card.

Connect Card

Zip Pass - For Credit Card Payments

Daily/Monthly Passes - Available at the Regional Transit Offices

Cash to Pay at the Station/Bus Stop

*Click on the Images to visit the pages to access the type of payment. *

For More Information About the Payment Methods...


Alert SacRT App

If you find yourself in danger, or if you feel as if there is any suspicious activity is happening on any Regional Transit service, you can use the Alert SacRT App! Using this app, you can report suspicious activity to the RT police and security staff, and the problem will be resolved.

However please note, for any Emergency, please call 911.

Safety Tips

  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • keep track of your belongings.
  • Report any suspicious activity.
  • Do not talk with Strangers
  • Do not give out your personal information such as your phone number, DOB, full name, etc. to anyone.
  • Always keep your parents notified of your location. To help them find your bus's location use the RT Mobile app @ https://m.sacrt.com/



For more Safety Information

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During the Trip

Bus Etiquette


Allow people that are handicapped or any elderly to board the bus and get situated before you get on the bus.

  • Give up your seat to people who may need it more than you.
  • Pick up all trash and clean after yourself.

Additional Mannerisms:

  • Keep all your possessions on your lap or on the floor in front of you. Leave all available seats for incoming passengers.
  • Try not to sit in the front seats because they are meant for people who are handicapped.
  • Treat everyone on the bus with respect and be considerate of any people that are homeless.


Be respectful to the driver. Greet them when you board the bus and make sure to say thank you when leaving.

After the Trip

  • Look at the display towards the front of the bus which is listing the approaching stops.
  • Keep track for your designated stop.
  • Pull the Yellow String near the windows, when you are approaching your designated stop. This will prompt the driver that a stop is requested.
  • The driver will pull over to the side of the road, and open the doors. The bus will be stopping around this point, and make sure to stay in your sit until the buss is fully stopped.
  • Then promptly exit the bus through the doors, and thank the driver before you exit.
  • Before you leave the bus make sure to double check your area to make sure that you didn't leave anything behind, also check for your personal belongings that you are holding with you.
  • Then carefully exit the bus, and continue to your destination.

Golden 1 Center Service

Want to go the Golden 1 Center or DOCO area?

If you want to attend a Kings Game, Concert, or any event at the Golden 1 Center, RT is the best way to get there!

Recommended Arrival Stations

  • Passengers riding to downtown on the Blue Line from Citrus Heights/Roseville should exit the train at the 10th & K Station.
  • Passengers riding to downtown on the Blue Line from south Sacramento/Elk Grove should exit the train at the 9th & K Station.
  • Passengers riding to downtown on the Gold Line from Folsom/Rancho Cordova should exit the train at the 8th & K Station.
  • Remember, light rail trains operate on one-way streets in downtown, so you need to board return trains in a different location than where you exited.

Getting Back

  • Passengers taking the Blue Line toward Citrus Heights/Roseville should board trains at the 9th & K Station.
  • Passengers taking the Blue Line toward south Sacramento/Elk Grove should board trains at the 7th & Capitol Station.
  • Passengers taking the Gold Line to Rancho Cordova/Folsom stations should board trains at the 7th & Capitol Station.